LifeArt Studio, is supported by EKOME S.A the official organization that promotes the Greek Cash Rebate system. The new  investment scheme for audiovisual productions in Greece.


LIGHT Greece has the world’s most film-friendly light in its DNA. The camera lens can capture more shades of blue in Greece than perhaps anywhere else in the world. With sunshine the norm, low annual rainfall, a mild climate and four distinct seasons, Greek film professionals are specialists when it comes to working with the Greek light, which allows eight-hour shooting days in the winter and twelve hours in the summer.


BREATHTAKING LOCATIONS From classical Athens and the mountainous hinterland to its 6000 islands, the whole of Greece is a natural stage set for audio-visual productions and provides a vast range of landscapes: picturesque traditional villages, unique islands, amazing beaches, forests, snow-capped mountains, hot springs, canyons, volcanoes and barren expanses. An infinity of choice for location managers.


VERSATILE ARCHITECTURE Tailor-made stage sets which can accommodate a huge range of visual projects, from modern to period, commercial to fiction. Greece’s architecture spans the millennia with examples from different eras, from historical landmarks with ancient temples and ancient theatres, fortified Byzantine cities, monasteries and medieval fortresses to the island homes of wealthy seafarers, neoclassical mansions and sophisticated lofts in cosmopolitan Athens.


EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS English-speaking Greek film professionals have the expertise and know-how to collaborate flawlessly with international productions. From outstanding drone operators and post-production facilities equipped with high-end industry technologies to world-class services provided by established production companies, the Greek Industry Guide provides dream teams of “dedicated maniacs”.


PRODUCTION VALUES Excellent crews, equipment rental services that cover all your needs (full camera packages, light, sound, grip), laboratories with full services for both image and sound, competitive wages, natural locations with a unique look. In other words: guaranteed high production value at a reasonable cost.


GREECE IS A SAFE COUNTRY Greece is one of Europe’s safest destinations for tourism, work and audio-visual productions. The country has staged and hosted large-scale events such as the 2004 Olympic Games with great success, and boasts cutting-edge infrastructure and impressive security mechanisms.​

ACCESSIBILITY Nestled in south-eastern Europe at the southern end of the Balkan peninsula, within a few hours of every European capital, Greece has a modern road network, thirty nine (39) airports, over a hundred (100) harbours and hundreds of marinas, providing easy access to every destination in the hinterland and the 6000 islands in the Greek archipelagos. With its ever-expanding transportation systems, travelling to shooting locations has never been less time-consuming.


A HISTORY OF CINEMA The movie cameras have been up and running in Greece since the 1920s. Greece is a nation with a cinematic past, present and future. Attracting landmark international films to its unique locations since the 1960s, Greece is now investing in its film industry, producing new talent, making its presence felt at the Oscars, setting trends, and interacting with the international film scene.


AN UNFORGETTABLE STAY As might be expected of the country that invented the concept of hospitality (xenia), extending courtesy and generosity to people far from home, Greece offers sophisticated accommodation, delicious gastronomic delights and an electrifying nightlife. All of which makes it an ideal place both for shoots of every kind and for experiencing the warm hospitality and culture of its people.




What is the new Cash Rebate scheme

The adoption of Law No. 4487/2017 for the production of audiovisual works in Greece is a decisive step towards attracting film, television, documentary, animation producers and digital games developing companies to invest in the Greek creative sector. 


In September 2018 an amendment to the above Law raised the amount to 35% . The updated legislation provides a more flexible floor for TV series (starting at €30,000) and a new minimum for digital games (€60,000) while projects are financed without a cap. 


Moreover, the Greek cash rebate can serve as a collateral for producers to obtain funds through the Greek banking system.  Financing of the rebate is guaranteed through the Greek Public Investment Programme and amounts to €75 million available for the years 2018 to 2022.



Undertakings established or having a branch in the Greek territory, operating to produce a/v works, foreign producers of a/v works contracted with an undertaking established or having a branch in Greek territory and operating for the purpose of producing a/v works and undertakings for the production of a/v works in the context of cross-border production.



Applications are submitted all year long, via EKOME through an electronic system guaranteeing smooth, fast and transparent processing and are processed all year long. Applications are accepted no later than 2 months before the beginning of production or post-production.



Financing of the rebate is guaranteed through the Greek Public Investment Programme and amounts to a total of €75m available for the years 2018 to 2022. The amount is payable no later than six months after the completion of production works provided that all prerequisites of Law No. 4487/2017 have been met.


What is eligible for cash rebate?

The cash rebate for the production of audiovisual works supports feature films, documentaries, TV drama series, animated films and digital games that choose Greece as location in either principal photography and production development and/or post-production stage. The rebate does not apply to commercials, reality TV shows, TV games, sports or current affairs shows.

Applications may be made for international and domestic productions and/or co-productions to obtain a 35% cash rebate on the sum of eligible expenses incurred in Greek territory.


Who is eligible for the cash rebate?

Eligible to apply for cash rebate in Greece are undertakings which are established or have a branch in the Greek territory and operate in order to produce audiovisual works, foreign producers of audiovisual works who are contracted with an undertaking established or having a branch in Greek territory and operating for the purpose of producing audiovisual works and undertakings for the production of audiovisual works in the context of cross-border production.

Important Note: Applications should be submitted only by the Greek partner company. However, beneficiary and applicant may not necessarily coincide. Namely, a beneficiary may be the Greek producer, co-producer or production service provider, or their foreign partner.

When is the cash rebate payable?

The cash rebate is paid to producers no later than six months after the completion of the production and/or post-production in Greece, provided that all prerequisites of L.4487/2017 have been met.


For cash rebate inquiries, please contact:

EKOME S.A. – National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication

Panos Kouanis 
President and CEO
+30 210 9098052

Vasiliki Ch. Diagouma
Communication and Public Relations
+30210 9098199
+30 6976 768276

Lina Manolopoulou
Cash Rebate Administration
+30 210 9098051