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In ancient times, "Aryan" was a term used by the Indo-Aryan people of the Vedic period in Ancient India as a religious label for themselves and as well as the geographic region known as Āryāvarta, where Indo-Aryan culture is based. The Iranian people used the term as an ethnic label for themselves in the Avesta scriptures, and the word forms the etymological source of the country name Iran.


Originally, the idea of being an "Aryan" was religious, cultural and linguistic, not racial. Drawing on misinterpreted references by Western scholars in the 19th century, the term "Aryan" was adopted as a racial category based on an idea of blond northern European "Aryans" who had migrated across the world and founded all major civilizations, before being diluted through racial mixing with local populations.


These ideas later influenced the Nazi racial ideology which saw "Aryan peoples" as innately superior to other putative racial groups.



The Himalayas pass through the nations of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan and Nepal. It contains the third largest deposit of ice and snow in the world after Antarctica and the Arctic, and is home to some of the tallest peaks in the world.


The mountain top areas are rugged, inaccessible and under extreme weather conditions for most of the year, and for that very reason have been considered a safe haven for extremist ethnic groups looking to settle down away from the eye of the civilized world while preserving their own way of life.


The first documented settlers to the region date back to the days of Alexander the great. For centuries these high mountain rigged roads have been secretly hosting a busy stream of drug, weapon and other illegal trafficking activities.

Spiti Valley


Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayas in the north-eastern part of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, and an ancient cultural centre for Buddhists. The name "Spiti" means "The middle land", i.e. the land between Tibet and India. 


The valley and surrounding region is one of the most rugged and least populated regions in India, and is accessible only during the 3-4 months of summer. In the valley, towards Ladhak, lies a village populated by fair skinned blue eyed people, that are said to be of Aryan descent.


Rumor has it that behind that village lies a secret one, populated by a fanatically secret group of less than 500 members, all of which are of PURE Aryan blood.

Every year, when weather allows, small delegations of western women are brought to the secret village. They leave just a few days before winter, pregnant.


This practice has been going on for decades.

The Secret Village


Background, mid 1800 - 1945

By the middle of the 19th century a devoted group of European Aryan Race believers migrated to the removed Himalayas and populated Spiti Valley - where they could be left alone to practice their faith. They’ve settled alongside a small local Aryan community (Alexander the Great descendants with no ties to the Pure Blood Aryan Order) - but in complete separation from the original locals - and continued to build a most beautiful utopian village, where they happily lived as a peaceful yet closed and most secret community.


Hundreds of men, women and children - all with fair skin, light eyes and blond or red hair populated the village. They lived a simple vegetarian farmer-like life, practicing Polygemy, and speaking in an old German dialect. The villagers practiced ancient spiritual rituals and considered themselves as the Priests of the High Order - the carriers of the oldest and most meaningful Order of the Aryan: the continuation and distribution of the pure Aryan race across the globe.


The village is led by a guru-like figure titled The High Priest.


Over the next 100 years young men and women of pure Aryan blood and of the most secret inner circles of the Aryan Order from across the globe, have been making the long and difficult journey to the Himalaya tops, to fulfil their ancestral calling. The males are to be priests for the period of their stay and the female’s goal is to get impregnated by such pure blooded priests. Women are considered holy as the carriers of the pure blooded wombs, and the order’s most precious valuables. Once successfully impregnated, when weather allows, they leave back to their countries of origin to fulfill their promise of global pure blood distribution.


Background, 1945 and on

Following the rise and fall of the Nazizm in mid 1940s some of the most prominent figures of the Natzi party and their families managed to escape Europe and flee to the secret village in Spiti Valley, to join their original race brotherhood and help preserve the purest Aryan bloodline. The new Nazi arrivals brought in new racial insperations of global power, and control practices that were never a part of the original order. Their


arrival changed the delicate and peaceful fabric of the village, and things began changing around the place. Under the reign of a new High Priest (a former Nazi Officer) new rules and regulations slowly took over, altering the bright and peaceful village into a more dark, at times violent, strict and protective environment. At first some old villagers vs new villagers clashes took place, but these were violently suppressed.



These days the Aryan villagers of Spiti Valley consist of only a couple of hundred males under 40 and young women and children, and the village rules are strict: Males are allowed in by the age of 16 and have to leave the village before turning 40 to make room for the next generation of healthy sperm makers. Almost all the women in the village are young (ages 16-30) and pregnant. Women are not allowed to talk to other women, or with men who are not their husbands, unless otherwise instructed by the High Priest.


The relationships in the village are of polygomy - every female is expected to choose 5 “husbands”, with whom she will impregnate. Men are allowed to be married to any number of women. This leads to interactions between multiple male and one female that frequently borderline rape and other dark and ancient sexual rituals.


Only once a woman gets pregnant she is given the choice if to leave or stay for more impregnations. As long as they keep bringing healthy babies the women are allowed to stay with her kids, and it is not uncommon to see a young pregnant mother carrying a new born baby followed by her older children, of 2 and 3 years of age. However once the women’s fartality seems to be slowing down they have to leave. Upon leaving the village, the mothers along with their children spread back to all corners of the world from which they came. Due to the polygomy nature of the village no child knows who his real father is and men do not take any active part in the children’s lives.


Any female that did not produce at least one baby since her arrival is prohibited from leaving the village. The only way out is pregnant.


All newcomers join the village willingly following their ancestral calling, not really knowing what really goes on in the secretive village. Once inside the system, some adapt more than others. Years of brainwash help most men and women take this twisted set of rules as a natural part of their calling, but others are crushed by it. During


the years there have been some attempts by some villagers to leave, but they never survived the harsh weather and terrain conditions going down the Himalayas.

Purification & Wedding Ceremony


8 days after the arrival of each new female, the entire village gets together in the main hall to celebrate her wedding ceremony under the guidance of the High Priest. This is an ancient mind-altering drug-induced sexual ritual in which the female gets to choose 5 of the village priests as her husbands. Once chosen they engage in a sexual ritual in front of the entire village.


The ritual intends to release the female’s primal instinct to navigate her womb vessel to its most suited sperm makers and allows them to choose their best potential impregnators.


In preparation to the ceremony and elevation of the mind any female newcomer is purified during her seventh and eight days in the village - leading to her wedding ceremony. Purification includes a strict diet of 6 drug-infused water/tea dosages, and a local goat cheese dish. The goat dish helps with fast and deep cleansing of the stomach. The water comes from the very first source fountain that streams down to the Ganags river, located just above the Valley. They are considered holy and of many medicinal powers. The drugs are a mixture of natural mind-altering plants, roots and mushrooms that are unique to this specific region. The High Priest is the only one allowed to prepare the purification mix.

Food, Agriculture & Animals


The villagers only eat what they can grow and are pure vegetarians. Mountain goats provide wool and milk but are not to be eaten. Chickens provide eggs but are not to be eaten. No cow products allowed.


Alcohol is strictly prohibited, however natural mind-altering plants are widely used in ceremonies and rituals.



The villagers all wear the same type of simple farm-like mountain cloths, and their positions are easily identifiable by color, i.e. different colors for married men, unmarried


men, newcomer girls, married girls, children, High Priest helpers. The High Priest wears a costume all of his own (white). During ceremonies and rituals the Aryans wear elaborate headwear consisting of flowers, bells, wool, pieces of metal, plants, flowers and bones. (each element of the headwear represents a certain belief. Certain flowers are for health and longevity, some are for attracting the right partners for marriage, pieces of metal are against evil eye, etc).

The High Priest


The village is governed by the High Priest who is the highest ranking spiritual figure in the Aryan Order. He is the only male that is allowed to be in the village after the age of 40, and is the ultimate decider of all things. He resides in a secluded compound in the village and is surrounded by a small army of women helpers. However, the one thing he is not allowed to do is impregnate. The High Priest possesses the most extensive knowledge of the secret Aryan history, and has a web of powerful international connections across the globe that support the Aryan cause.


Traditionally the High Priest position was an appointment for life, and once the Priest passed another one was democratically chosen from the village elders. However in 1950 the ruling Priest was replaced in a sort of a violent coup. The new High Priest began changing the village DNA and rules. Upon his passing he was replaced by his grandson who is still in control today.



Western men and women from Aryan communities around the globe are led to the village with the help of special recruiters. Recruiters are hand picked by the High Priest from the youngest priests that show promising social skills in the village, and report directly to him. They are given special privileges to enter and leave the village as they’d like, and their recruiting travels funded with no expense limit.

Local Rumors


This secret Aryan village in Spiti Valley has been around for hundreds of years and many local stories and rumors have spread about its activities. However, this phenomenon has been marked as “Pregnancy Tourism Tales” by the local government, who have “proved” via a set of short documentary films research that the locals of the Spiti Valley region - although fair skinned and with light eyes - are simply descendants


of Alexander The Great and of the original Indo-Aryan tribe, who are mistakenly considered as having any connection to the pure Aryan Order. These local villagers are simple vegetarian farmers, and will testify that they have “heard the stories” about Pregnancy Tourism, but that is all just a mistaken myth.

Real Village and its Front Cover


Only the fewest of the few know that behind the innocent looking local village in Spiti Valley lies the entrance to the real secret village, where the real Pure Aryans live and practice their Aryan Order faith.


By now, most of the front villagers that have some Aryan-like features are the NON-PURE descendants of the real Aryan villagers, that have over the years

impregnated original local girls living outside the secret village. Those “dirty blooded” Aryans are the ones living as the “cover” / “front” of the “pure” secret village.

Political Ties and Protection


Although being clearly Nazi /racist / white supramicy related -the Aryan cult villagers are left alone by the Indian Authoroties that prevent any serious investigation of their practises - following a long lasting arrangement that was made centuries ago between the Indian rulers at the time, and the Aryan pilgramers that arrived to the Valley seeking refuge from the rest of the world. There is some kind of payoff/corruption mechanism between the Aryans and the goverments, funded by illegal trafficking of all sorts.


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